I picked one little word for 2022, and I chose “surf” because I hoped I could channel the phrase “surf the urge” when I craved sugar. It was a verb to me… but the more I brought surf to the surface and to my attention, I noticed the noun showing up everywhere …. podcasts, tv shows, the Jimmy Buffet channel in my new car, book titles, movie cameos from Bethany Hamilton. So interesting!

We can’t stop the waves, but we can learn how to surf!

I thought of ways to use this word intentionally; couch surf, channel surf, crowd surf …. I learned surfing lingo in sign language class, used it as a writing prompt, and kept the message top of mind that I can harness the energy from the sun and waves and create the life I dream of. Ride the wave. Go with the flow. We don’t have to sink or swim, we can float/surf. And stay grounded on a strong foundation, but still moving in alignment with the universe!

I don’t need easy, I just need possible – Bethany Hamilton

a big wave, swell, surge, ripple, ocean, foam …

I’ve never experienced large surf or hurricane. Waves always calm my soul. They’re just magic to me.

Sun. Sand. Salt Water.

If I ever have a boat I’m naming it Seas The Day 🏄

Under the water where you can’t see, an underground canyon/cliff produces the worlds biggest wave in Portugal.

Brave wait patiently and then Commit

Perfect Wave, need cooperation

from the sea

Dangerous POWER of the Sea,

the Ocean’s Energy

Cross between Danger zone & Playground, the rescues are dangerous .

I didn’t know there would be hurricane Ian or a trip to Florida in my future when I picked this word!

I picked this word as a verb to help me overcome sugar cravings & surf the urge. It hasn’t really worked for that, but I have been delighted to find this word SURF popping up in other places. And the messages really help me feel aligned.

From showing up in the tv shows I watched to podcasts and book titles. Also, meeting new people at our local hangout who surf the Lake Michigan waves. Leading me to my trip in Clearwater. And that work and life is a wave of craziness too that I just need to surf. And enjoy the ride!

CK, Surf, Dolphin ….
I am where I’m supposed to be
9 days left this year and what a find! How fun! Santa’s Surf Shack

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