A Love Letter to Laughter

My laugh contains a giggle and sometimes a snort. My laugh is a unique source of pride, embarrassment, my originality, my fingerprint. As fleeting as a snowflake or life here on Earth. My laugh is my own creation and offering. A way to show up and put myself out there. Laughter requires being open, present, and authentic; the best qualities of life.

To create a laugh, I need nourishment, an idea, a funny moment and some oxygen. I use my breath, belly and facial expressions. Laughter is a behavior, attitude, thought and action all at once. An expression of love. Laughter is a way to honor what I am paying attention to. A solidification of noticing the small moments and making them more important.

Your life is just a series of what you pay attention to. So whenever you are distracted, you are literally giving up pieces of your life. 

Forever is composed of nows – Emily Dickinson

Laughter requires almost all of your body; muscles, neurons, lungs, mouth, vibrations, heartbeats and sometimes even tears.

Laughter is an acknowledgement and a celebration. Laughing nurtures curiosity, because what makes people laugh is rather elusive.

Laughter requires more than one person, a connection…which is why we are here on Earth, to build connections.

Laughter is an ordinary part of life, yet deeply extraordinary.

If a few of my laughs vibrate in the universe after I’m gone, a piece of me will still be here.

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