College Campus

I love visiting colleges! For me, for my children, for prospective attendance decisions, for a sporting event ….

I’m alway jealous … every campus is full of energy, ideas, diversity, youth, conversations, unlimited possibilities!

As this was the weekend before finals, and a foggy gloomy day, it felt more hard than normal. life is hard. College is hard. But it’s a good hard. My report card was always perfectly imperfect, but it was all mine. I worked hard selling books or pastries. I rollerbladed, biked, walked to work to scrape together enough money to attend the next semester. My ideas, tests and papers were my own. They might not have been earth shattering, but I did my best.

The week before finals. You can feel the intense energy in the air. Excitement, but reasonable stress… that will end in a week.

Learning and growing. With time to think, focus on one subject at a time. Something that interests me. Someone that supports and encourages me (my professor).

My life feels like stress but it just goes on and on for decades. With no Christmas break or summer break or change unless I switch jobs. And if feels like when I switch jobs it just multiplies stress not removes any.

Instead of jealousy, I flip the script and ask ….

How can I have more boundaries for myself? How can I make more time to think strategically? How can I have more time to focus on one subject at a time?

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