light: a collection of poetry

Don’t seek more
more money, more responsibility, more possessions, more
Create and honor your time, space, moments and memories in your life.
Seek peace, calm, a deep breath.
Seek light.

Light cannot be defined.
Light is not a certain shape or color.
Light is this moment.
Right here.
Right now.
Be here now.
Be light.

My body, molecules, atoms, neurons, are here at this space and time. My light, my spirit, my soul, my love is what makes me ME. Celebrate the light inside you. We are stardust packaged in skin, the light we are seeking has always been within us.
My light is the most important part of my life.  Meditate, pray, be still with the light within you. Harness your power, purpose, connection.

Dear Sun,
How do you have the energy to shine and be beautiful
when you are new in the morning?
I hide in your shadows and draw energy from you before I begin.
I am solar-powered.

Dear Candle,
How do you find balance?
I see you flicker and then go right back to center.
You can light one million other candles and not give away your own light.
You save me from cursing the darkness.

Light is more than words
Light is universal
Light is fluent in all languages
there is beauty in everything; follow the light, the stars, the sunrise and sunset, the light in someone’s eyes when they smile

What is my light telling the world?
STOP like a traffic signal
EMERGENCY like an ambulance
WARNING as a police car
CELEBRATION like fireworks in the night sky
HOLIDAY is eminent like a string around a tree
ROMANCE like a single flame at an intimate table for two
CAUTION resembling headlights from oncoming vehicles
FAME like movie lights
A TRIP AROUND THE SUN like birthday candles
READY like the cursor blinking at you from the blank backlight page
ON like an appliance ready for use
QUIET like a phone recharging on the counter
MYSTERIOUS like the sexy moonlight hovering above
FLEETING like a curved spectrum of colors coming from a rainbow
What message am I sending with my light?
What does your light say about you?

Light is a VERB
Don’t ask for light. Be Light.
Seek wonder, follow your curiosity. Do what lights you up
Light is energy; never created or destroyed.
Lighten up, let stress go.
Become so full of light that it spills out of you into the world.
People who shine from within don’t need the spotlight.

It’s ok to question the darkness, but then listen to the light.
Don’t be afraid of the shadows.
The dark places where growth happens.
Shine a flashlight on what is important.
Darkness isn’t always bad  when you’re sleeping, when you have a headache or when you’re watching a movie darkness helps you focus and clam down
Darkness is like silence and white space on a page. Darkness gives room for the light to really shine.  Darkness is the resting notes in music, a meditation.

Light is universal.
Light speaks all languages.
Share kindness, love, light.
Life is a shared experience.
You don’t have a light, you are light.

We are all broken in places, that’s how the light gets in and out. Prayer and meditation is how you control your light, your soul, how you determine what you’re meant to do.
Our body is like a lightbulb, and our soul is the electricity that powers it.  And that light energy was here before our body was, and it’ll be here after our body is gone.

I am a flashlight
shining light
I might run out of batteries, or be pointed in the wrong direction to be helpful
I am abundant, grateful, full of light and shining inside of me and into the world.

Let the light and truth illuminate you, not burn you.
Light brings us together, when so much in the world tears us apart.
If you look for light in the world, expecting to find it, you will.


Thank You COVID-19

Sure, this coronavirus has taken so much, and there are so many bummer-moments, cancelations, expenses, etc. that we all wish weren’t true. But I am reframing. I am taking a few moments to count the blessings this pandemic has brought to our lives. If only to give it a little less power.

I am grateful for the reminder to slow down. To appreciate

my health
a deep breath
friends who check on one another
our home
a hot shower
the excitement of starting a new book
the taste of my favorite food, I am really savoring each bite making meals last
fresh produce
cuddling up with my family and watching movies
a washer and dryer in my house, and the smell of fresh laundry
a working oven and stove
fresh water
sunshine coming through the window (and being able to go outside!)
time to reflect and reexamine my priorities/habits/spending
an empty weekend calendar
appreciating past memories and anticipating future adventures 
past trips and lessons we’ve learned

distraction from the everyday stress
ability to focus on what really matters

decluttering and minimizing
realizing the abundance we already have
communication practice/patience with others while we all deal with this fear differently
seeing in real time the effect we have on one another and how all humans are connected
time to be mindful, just stand at the stove and stir the pot, just stand in the shower and feel the hot water

if you don’t have a real problem your mind invents one, it’s refreshing to have the space and clarity to clear away the “problems” that don’t matter

I long for clarity, peace, light, joy, love.

I am most sad/scared/afraid for….  the people who have compromised health, pregnant women who have to go to the doctor and expose themselves and their baby, and children who don’t have a safe home and are now stuck without the safety/security/routine of school and teachers and friends to get them through the day.

I want to apologize to the HS seniors, who may have to miss their prom or graduation. You’ve worked so hard and we’d love to see you celebrate, fingers crossed for an uneventful end of the school year. 

And to the people cancelling weddings, bar mitzvahs, special vacations and other celebrations of life and love… we feel your deep pain and I know nothing can make it up to you, so I won’t pretend to have comforting words.

I am going to consider this time period my quarantine meditation. A chance to pay attention to the in-between moments; what LIFE is really made of.

Caution: use the internet to inspire you, not anesthetize you or feed your fear.

I’m going to take as much of this time as I can to write. To create.

The opposite of being destructive is being creative. So create something that only you can uniquely make. Use a paintbrush, pencil, hammer, garden. Creativity brings us together when so many things try and tear us apart.

Stay safe. Stay healthy. Stay kind to one another. We’re all in this together.



are you stir crazy? quarantined? need some ideas on how to stay positive and entertained without breaking the bank?

there’s no reason to panic, but it’s smart to stay in if you can. (and if you can’t because you’re a doctor, nurse, police officer, fire fighter – THANK YOU)

here is a quick post with 29 ways to keep the boredom/anxiety/drama at bay…

  1. organize photo albums
  2. clean your house, catch up on laundry
  3. kitchen science experiments
  4. create! make cards, gifts, think of others …
  5. cook
  6. nap
  7. binge watch something
  8. call an old friend
  9. call a new friend
  10. do 20 jumping jacks, 20 push ups
  11. catch up on work projects
  12. research the truth on upcoming elections and decide who you will vote for
  13. give yourself an at-home spa day (facial, paint your nails…)
  14. rent a book from the library (kindle app is free, lots of libraries also have overdrive or hoopla apps where you can download books for free without leaving your house)
  15. clean out your closets and make a pile of items to donate, remove items you don’t use anymore and don’t fit
  16. play card games and board games
  17. teach your old dog a new trick
  18. sketch, doodle, draw, paint
  19. light a candle and take 10 deep breaths (or do a guided meditation)
  20. map your family history on ancestry/family history website
  21. open a bottle of wine and tell funny stories
  22. take some selfies with your child(ren)
  23. start the novel/blog/letter you always wanted to write
  24. schedule your annual physical/eye doctor appt (for a few months from now)
  25. download some new podcasts
  26. make a bucket list
  27. plan some fun menu items for birthdays and special occasions later this year
  28. start a gratitude journal
  29. download some new music and have a dance party

Some days the option to work remotely is a blessing, but, it would also be pretty awesome to just have a day off...I could for sure fill my day(s) if I didn’t have to work!

What will you and your people be doing during this disruption?






Leap, let who you are becoming catch you.

We get 366 days this year.

green frog eyes
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What are you going to do with your extra day?

What a gift the universe has provided us, February 29.

I have thought a lot about this. I have created “my perfect day.” And I’ve treated it like a day spent by myself, but in reality I’d actually love an extra day with my husband and children.

  • Sleep in (no alarm clock)
  • 2 cups of coffee on a balcony/deck/poolside somewhere sunny and still
  • Write
  • 45-minute meditation on my Unplug App (I do the short ones all the time, but 45 min feels so indulgent!)
  • Write while room service brunch is delivered
  • Read an inspirational book
  • Nap
  • Listen to every episode of the ONBEING podcast again
  • Write
  • Takeout Chinese food in my pajamas while watching my favorite movie: Ferris Bueller’s Day Off
  • Extra Hot Bubble Bath with a glass (or two ) of my favorite wine
  • Sleep in a giant king-sized bed and my cozy pajamas

What if you had a secret day, no one could take it from you, not one single minute. What would you do? How would you spend it?

I’ve decided, why save all of this for one day? I’m going to live my year spreading it out. Doing some of this each day/week to spread the joy throughout the year. I’m going to make time in my daily life for things I crave if I just had “more time”.

Looking at my dream list of activties, I can fit some of this into my life right now, and what a gift that truly is!

Happy Leap Day!

Enjoy this extra time on Planet Earth! How are you spending it?


you magically make 3am bright
your fresh, pure flakes muffle the world
the universe accepts your invite to slow down, stillness is all around
you blanket my little part of the world, allowing a new beginning, a chance to start over if we want to
you provide the pieces for unlimited imagination of forts and men, who bear your first name
your flakes gently fall on my runny nose, I pause, look up and wonder if you are alive, as I feel you emit your own energy
you reflect my thoughts as you reflect the moonlight
you insulate the stillness I have curated in this busy world

thank you snow

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a love letter to Krista Tippett

I binged listened to all of the becoming wise podcasts again. 6 hours. Time well spent!

I feel a sense of wonder. My spirit feels more at peace. I realized intimately the connectedness of all things. I feel light.

Listening to Krista speak with her guests, you hear and feel they are genuinely interested in each other.  Two people who are fully present.

It’s addictive.

The calming and kindness. The inspiration and insight. The joy and wonder. The wealth of ideas and information light me up inside, in a way words fail to describe.

Hearing other intimate experiences, life lessons, deep senses of purpose, makes my life richer. I deeply enjoy listening to other people’s stories in this special way. Life is too short to only live one life, and on being let’s you live and learn deeply from others.


If you haven’t read her book, listened to her podcasts (Becoming Wise and On Being) or listened to her on Public Radio, I invite you to check out her website and fall in love with Krista Tippett too!

a poem for peace

may world leaders craft and follow a path towards peace

may cooler heads prevail

and conversations solve the problems we didn’t think were solvable

may compassion, empathy and a sense of right and wrong

spread like a virus

may all humans find love in their life, their mind, their words, their actions, their hearts