birthday thoughts

What am I doing today (and this year) to keep myself off autopilot? A daily dose of novelty!

Live an authentic life, not an anesthetized one. I want to feel everything, even if it’s hard or uncomfortable. Instead of running away from the world, we can find escape by immersing ourselves in it.

Whenever I find myself feeling jealous, flip it to find some of that for my life. Quote from Ferris Bueller “you could ditch.”

WWTD. I give moments power, tell my story, and transform my suffering so I don’t transmit it. I won’t keep old wounds open as evidence of a trial that will never come.

The mind-body-spirit-connection is the tension of being alive. All working together, the nervous system, consciousness, dreams, cell regeneration….

Believe in the power of the incremental, habits and consistency are the keys to a well-lived life.

Treat emotions like a compass, pointing you in a the right direction. happiness is not the same as pleasure.

I deserve to live in peace. be still and know.

Don’t break promises you make to yourself. Do something today that your future self will thank you for.

I can think expansive thoughts. I am the universe. I am an abundance of love, light, peace and growth.

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